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Where superfamily and by a turn of events deadpool has to sit through a nor easter battering new york when the lights go out. Tony gets upset because he doesn't know where they are and suspects they're are doin the fondue.


“I swear, Steve, the minute I see him I am cutting off his dick and I-“

“Tony, calm down, they probably went to look for flashlights or something.”

“Flashlights? Flashlights? You think they went to look for fucking flashlights?”

“I didn’t stutter, did I?”

“Dammit Steve, they didn’t go looking for damn flashlights. This is Deadpool, C’mon. And Peter.”

“Well, maybe th-Hey, Peter.”

“Peter! Where the hell have you been?”

“Oh, me and Wade went to go look for flashlights. The power went out, in case you couldn’t tell.”

“See, Tony? I told you. Flashlights.”

“No way, Steve. It’s code for something isn’t it? Flashlights is totally code for sex and I’m gonna murder Wade.”


this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

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